about the artist



As trees in a forest steadily evolve and age, affected by time and chance events, so do each one of us.  I use the aging of trees as a metaphor to confront and understand how my life is changing, both physically and spiritually.

With the passage of time, the bark of the tree - its protective skin - sheds and peels away, exposing the inner layer of the trunk.  In my studio, making art, I too discard layers of the past, old stories and outdated beliefs, to expose what is authentic and relevant to my life now.

By creating trees struck by fire, disease and violent weather, I acknowledge the unexpected, random, frightening aspects of later years. 

Simultaneously, I am aware of the pace, style and joy of these years....... seeing so much beauty in my life and feeling free to express my own unique vision.


My greatest artistic joy is to transform fleece into material.  My hands know what to do.  I know what I want to say and I start making felt.  The rest is unpredictable.  As I cut, mold, shape, sew, build, embellish, assemble and stiffen the new fabric, something unforeseen emerges.  Traditional carpentry tools, adhesives, drawings......... all work to help the central challenge ..... to transform the felt - a dense, flat, matte material - into an organic, dimensional, multi-textured sculpture.

I always work in a series, using some aspect of nature to examine a life issue that has deep meaning to me.  Each series presents new challenges, and usually takes a few years to complete. Problem solving is key, so I constantly push myself to experiment, improvise, and invent creative solutions.  I expand my fiber techniques and incorporate diverse materials such as wood, wire, metal, clay, and found natural objects.  As a self-taught artist, I am proud of the creative solutions I have generated, which I openly share with my students.

Felt making and stitching are both slow, rhythmic, repetitive actions.  Building solid armatures and working with power tools uses a contrasting set of skills and mindset.  Varying these activities, by working on several sculptures at the same time, gives me a vital, balanced studio life.


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Resume of recent work


     2015 - 2017   Peters Valley School of Craft -  Felting Workshops each summer

     2000 - present:  Ongoing workshops in Woodcliff Lake, NJ studio


        2019    New Jersey Crafts Annual: New Directions in Fiber Art, Montclair Museum

        2018    The Earth Speaks, Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ

        2018    Act 2: Art as a Career Sequel, Peters Valley Gallery, Layton, NJ

        2018    Making as Thinking, Studio Montclair, Montclair NJ

        2017    Big Ideas in Small Packages, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY

        2017    SPUN- a Juried Innovative Fiber Exhibit, NEST Arts Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

        2016    37th Annual Juried Exhibition, Monmouth Museum, Monmouth, NJ

        2016    Focus:Fiber 2016, Kent State University Museum, Kent, OH

        2016    Viewpoints, Aljira Gallery, Newark, NJ  (Honorable Mention Prize)

        2016    Making Matters: Fresh Perpectives in Fine Craft, Peters Valley Gallery, Layton, NJ

        2015   Velocity of Textiles, Chattahoochie Biennial, Georgia State University, GA

        2015    Peters Valley School of Craft Gallery

        2015    Viewpoints, Aljira Gallery, Newark, NJ

        2014     NEXUS, Int. Juried Exhibition, Arts Guild of NJ, Rahway, NJ

        2013     Dangerous Flowers, D & R Greenway Land Trust Gallery, Princeton, NJ  

        2012    9x9x3: Textile Study Group of NY, traveling exhibit, NYC

        2012    Textures and Trails, D & R Greenway Land Trust Gallery, NJ

        2012    Cambridge Art Annual, Cambridge, MA

        2011    Craft USA ’11 National Craft Triennial, Silvermine Arts Center, CT, juried by Holly    Hochner, Director of Museum of Arts and Design, NYC

        2011    Uncommon Threads, Artworks Gallery, NJ

        2011    Viewpoints, Aljira: A Center for Contemporary Art, NJ

        2010    Botanica, The Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ, invited by curator Mary Birmingham

        2009    Economies of Scale, Phoenix Gallery, NYC

        2008    New Jersey Arts Annual: Crafts, New Jersey State Museum, NJ

        2005    Invitational: How They Felt: Contemporary Feltmaking, Brookfield Craft Center, CT


•       2004    Into the Woods, Studio Montclair, NJ

•       2002    New Work, United Parcel Service Corporate Headquarters, NJ

•       2000    Entangled, Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts, Ramapo College of NJ

•       2000 to 2010: Weaveco Corporate Headquarters, New York, NY


•       2004    Terra Gnosis: Murmurs from the Earth, Lautenberg JCC, NJ

•       2003    Elements Unearthed: Four Sculptors, Pierro Gallery of South Orange, NJ

•       2003    Fiber Art, Diversity Art Gallery, NJ

•       2002    The Insomnia Show, Organization of Independent Artists, Inc., NYC